Multimedia Desktop Wired Keyboard with 2-port USB Hub
Code: CK-465U

Built-In USB Hub
The Built -in USB hub has three USB ports add easy access and convenience for input devices like flash drives ora mouse.

Quiet Membrane Key Switches
Membrane key switch technology is a top of the line design when it comes to keyboards. With the smooth quiet action of the membrane keys, you can input fas­ ter than you ever imagined smoothly and quietly with with minimal clicking and noise. In addition, the key switches are rated at 5 million keystrokes with a 45-50 actuation force.
Multimedia and Internet Hotkey Shortcuts Control your media player and browse the Internet
with just one key using the built-in Multimedia
and Internet hotkeys for easy access to your favorite media or websites.

Plug and Play
Simply plug the CK465U keyboard into a
USB port and you will be up and running. No drivers
required, works with Windows or Mac OS.